Ann Hagman Cardinal

Author of Sister Chicas

Anne Connor has a gift. I call her the "pearl duster" as she is able to find the treasure within your work or your mind and help you blow the dust from it so it can gleam in the way it was meant to. Over the years she has helped me with time management, organizational and writing revision skills.

We have just finished working together on the final revision of my third novel. Anne manages to catch things that I overlook and from then on I am able to recognize those issues on my own. Sometimes feedback can stifle you, but Anne has an uncanny ability to give constructive criticism and unfailing support that allows me to dig deeper and fine tune all the while encouraging me to move forward. In relation to my writing we have worked with issues of focus, discipline, editing skills, and the power of revision: all aspects of the creative process. What amazes me is her ability to understand and respect my individual voice and learning style and cater her work to them, giving me tools that I will use for a lifetime.

But the most extraordinary part is that the majority of the work we've done together has been online. Because of the nature of my work I am often on the road or sequestered in my office working on deadline. With technology the way it is today, Anne has the tools to provide her services online and on the phone without losing any of its potency.

Jen Knauer

Coordinator/Faculty, Masters of Mediation

The mediation program has invited Anne Connor to provide masters candidates with a writing workshop. She will be presenting content to assist you during the capstone crunch. Have you had the pleasure of meeting Anne, yet? I can tell you that she is a TREAT to work with, akin to therapeutic massage for the brain. I'm not kidding. Anne has a knack for helping people learn about how they learn; I think of her as a little helpful enzyme in the researching/writing process by offering perspective and strategy for the task at hand.

Jincy Swarzbacker

Masters of Mediation

Someone who works with people who have disabilities has to be able to key in on their thought processes and be able to communicate and get across to them that yes they are doing the right thing. Anne kept saying that my writing was improving months before I was able to see it myself. She would articulate to me the small steps for how it was improving and then I was able to see it too.

Michael Sharon

Undergraduate Degree Candidate

Being an adult student and returning to school after twenty six years I found it extremely frustrating and difficult to comprehend the writing processes that I had long forgotten and struggled with at a younger age. By the end of my junior year in college I was tested for and diagnosed with a learning disability; compensated dyslexia. Working with Anne Connor in the college's academic support department she helped me realize that I can continue my education toward my Bachelors degree and that I can excel at reading and writing comprehension. One of the techniques she has helped me with recently was a process of note taking that uses simple color coordinated topic notes which has allowed me to focus on just the main topics of information I need while reading. This seemingly simple concept has improved my comprehension and stimulates my creative writing skills. Her understanding and experience of reading and writing disabilities has helped me excel in my education. Without Anne's help I wouldn't have made it to my senior year.

Pam Sweeney

Undergraduate Degree - Interdisciplinary Studies

At the age of 57 I decided it was time to go back to college and get a bachelor's degree. I had an evaluation which identified my learning disability, and the evaluation gave me more understanding of my learning style and school phobia. The college I attended connected me with Anne Connor, which is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Through her skill and patience she was able to work with me to deal with my avoiding writing like the plague. She taught me techniques that enabled me to start writing with confidence and my skills improved ten fold. My success in college was largely due to Anne's work with me. My work with Anne was a life changing experience and has helped me both professionally and personally as I progress through my life.

Lida Winfield

Bachelor's Degree Candidate

As an adult learner who has struggled with dyslexia my entire life I was very nervous to go back to college. I knew that in order to aid myself in having a positive college experience I needed to have some strong support. What I wanted in a coach/tutor was several things. I am happy to say that I have received all of them from Anne Connor. First I wanted/needed someone who could help edit my papers for grammatical and spelling corrections. Second I wanted someone who I could ask for help about time management, paper structure, and brain-storm ideas with me, and coach me in the direction of a positive education. In truth the above list is only one small part of what Anne has done for me. I wanted an ally in my education, and she has been that. I strongly believe that my education experience has been immensely improved by her coaching and tutoring. Because Anne and I live about 45 min away from each other it has not always been convenient to work face to face. The majority of our work takes place through email and with an occasional phone meeting. I have found Anne to be attentive, thoughtful, direct, and supportive. She is very skilled, professional and a joy to work with.

Jenny Johnson

Masters of Mediation Degree

As we go through school, many of us struggle to find our way through the rules of writing and articulating literature. We try to figure out the rules so we can get some recognition that our thoughts are valid. At the same time we find criticism, and misunderstanding of our particular way to describe meaning and thought. At age 35, now in graduate school, I have finally found the recognition I was looking for and the way I articulate and think is okay, valid and understood. Anne Connor is the first person I have met that addressed and verbalized my own way of thinking before I did.

I had the opportunity to hear Anne speak in a group academic skills workshop at Woodbury College. She addressed the many ways in which people synthesize information, and the many ways in which we can access our best selves for the writing process. In the short hour Anne spoke, and answered questions for the ten of us, I saw for the first time how differently we all read and write. I also saw how she had an answer for all the different ways in which we articulate and could further expound on our brilliance.

How can someone know how many different ways there are to articulate and interpret information? I am in awe of her insight, in awe of the understanding she holds of different learning styles. Since, I have had the opportunity to acquire her services by phone and short meetings. By using her services I have since gained a further knowledge that no matter how I interpret, organize and transpire thought, there is a tool available to me to inspire my technique and style. Better yet, there is nothing wrong with it. Beyond this, she has given me many ways and options for making my learning easier. I have learned how to organize information in a way that fits my learning needs, and I am now able to access thoughts in a more manageable way. Anne's knowledge and tutoring has been encouraging, and better yet, it has changed the way I write. All the old negative self talk is being replaced by useful skills and encouraging steps to give myself the artistic flow I have always felt I lacked. Why does it take until we are in our thirties to hear and find this recognition? After receiving Anne's services, both in person and over the phone, I have found the confidence to write and more than that, the confidence to promote my own writing style.

Denise MacMartin

Business Owner, Legacy Threads

Working with Anne helped me create a different story to tell myself about starting my own business - one where I could take actual steps to get the idea from a dream in my head to a reality. She is always able to hold the big picture of what I want; even while listening to the most minute details she sees the connections.The time I've spent with Anne has been a wise investment and much more fun than a traditional business start-up course.

Julia Moore

College Student

Anne Connor made a big difference in beginning my college career. With her help I was able to develop and prepare many concrete and well thought out answers to the kinds of questions that come up in college interviews. She helped me study for the SAT's and ACT's through a variety of studying techniques we came up with that seemed best suited for me. Not being an extroverted person I assumed it would be difficult to express my thoughts and ideas with Anne, but found it quite the contrary when I met her. It was very easy to talk to her, and she is a delightful person. After many meetings and with her guidance I submitted my applications and completed several interviews successfully and was accepted into eight of the nine colleges I applied to, some of them being Connecticut College, Skidmore, Bard, and Lafayette.