Professional Development Coaching

Working with Anne helped me create a different story to tell myself about starting my own business - one where I could take actual steps to get the idea from a dream in my head to a reality.

- Denise MacMartin, Legacy Threads

Do you have a great idea for starting a business but get overwhelmed with the details?

Do you feel that you have more to offer the world through a different career path but fear the process of returning to school?

Are you in the middle of a degree or a professional project but are stuck due to difficulty balancing it with your other life responsibilities? 

Taproot Academic Coaching can provide support with the following processes: 

  • returning to school
  • starting a business
  • finishing a manuscript
  • writing a report
  • implementing a procedure
  • finishing a degree

Through client-centered dialogue, I help each person to pinpoint the areas where they are getting stuck in the process of attaining their goals and then suggest key strategies that target improvement with these areas. I engage clients with developing awareness of their personal, unique learning approaches in order to foster self-advocacy and a sense of empowerment.

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