What is unique about academic coaching at Taproot?

Traditional academic lessons offer a set template of strategies to improve each academic skill area. For example, to improve time management one must implement the use of a day planner. To improve writing, one must use an outline. However, these strategies may not work well for everyone. At Taproot we recognize that each person is unique in the way that she or he learns best. Therefore, we match skill strategies to the individual learning needs of each client, which allows for the greatest possible transformation and growth.  

How does academic coaching work at Taproot?

Academic coaching or cognitive coaching establishes an alliance between you and a coach that offers you structure, support, and feedback to stimulate and motivate you toward your academic and professional development goals.

A one hour session is a typical appointment, though this increment varies with your needs. For example, the introductory session for Academic Skills Strategies is an hour and a half, and a Learning Disability consultation can easily last two hours. Many coaching clients often need a quick fifteen minute check-in by email or phone. Your session is individualized to your need. Contact me to discuss your Taproot Coaching needs.

How does the fee structure work at Taproot Academic Coaching?

My fees vary depending on the service but range between $80.00 - $150.00 an hour. I am open to conversation about an affordable rate for both of us. Clients typically pay for 4 - 8 sessions ahead of time; by the end of our initial conversation or email, we will have determined an approximate number of sessions that will benefit your work. You can conveniently pay for 4 to 8 sessions using PayPal. You can also pay by check and after I receive it, we can confirm your schedule and begin work. I will track the coaching time that I spend with you. This includes time spent on phone calls and emails, as well as time spent revising and editing.

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