Higher Education Administrators

Coordinating Services for Students with Disabilities

Do you sometimes wonder how far you or your faculty/staff have to go to provide accommodations for your students with disabilities?

Would you like to have a standardized approach to communicating with your student population about disability law?

Do your faculty and staff have questions about providing accommodations for students?

 Taproot Academic Coaching can provide the following services:

  • Maintain compliance with current changes to ADA/504 law
  • Review and revise policy and procedure, if necessary, for students with disabilities at your institution
  • Prepare forms specific to your school to collect appropriate disability documentation
  • Maintain contact information for students with disabilities to call or email with questions regarding policy and procedure
  • Request and read documentation for learning disabilities, attention disorders and/or psychiatric and physical disabilities
  • Interpret accommodations and create an Educational Profile for student
  • Facilitate permissions to share to those with a need to know
  • Communicate with faculty/program directors regarding student rights, accommodations and confidentiality of student disability
  • Balance students’ accommodation needs and institution resources.
  • Provide faculty and staff training regarding disability issues such as: academic accommodations, testing and self-advocacy, shame and avoidance, co-morbidity, metacognition, resilience, confidentiality and legal requirements for educational institutions
  • Contact Anne Connor for more information: