Disability Consultation and Advocacy

Someone who works with people with disabilities has to be able to key in on their thought processes and be able to get across to them that “Yes, you are doing the right thing.” Sometimes it felt like Anne was inside my brain finding the thoughts that belonged in my writing. 

- Jincy Swartzbacker, Master's of Mediation

Have you felt like an outsider in academic settings, like you are unable to learn "like everyone else"?

Have you felt conflicted or confused about the idea of being tested for a learning disability?

Has it been challenging to disentangle your talents from your areas of difficulty? 

Taproot Academic Coaching will help you to: 

  • analyze and strengthen your personal learning approach
  • review psychoeducational documentation to increase understanding and apply that to a variety of life areas
  • discuss whether or not initial or follow-up testing would benefit you
  • reframe the “dis” ability to focus on your strengths and abilities
  • work more efficiently with strategies that decrease academic stress
  • recognize and understand the cognitive areas that impact the disability
  • appreciate your areas of compensation
  • see yourself and your learning process from a place of empowerment
  • understand and respect your innate learning approaches
  • learn organizational strategies specific to your style of learning
  • break the process down into manageable pieces
  • create time and materials management systems particular to you

I see clients through the lens of the unique learning approach. Every strategy that is taught or employed is chosen with the client’s innate processing strengths in mind. In this way, the client can learn to break through the concept of prescribed and generalized strategies – one size fits all - and instead, through guided observation and discovery, embrace authentic ways of learning.

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