Creative Writing Consultation

Anne Connor worked with me on my novel in a way that was specific to my style, my voice. Her services were invaluable. 

- Ann Hagman Cardinal, Author of Sister Chicas

Do you find it difficult to find qualified professionals to provide feedback on your work?

Could you benefit from a schedule that allows writing on a daily basis?

Do you need someone to encourage you while holding you accountable?

Taproot Academic Coaching can provide writing support with the following:

  • receive objective feedback about a piece of your writing
  • submit work at any stage of the writing process from first draft to later draft
  • discover unique ways to tap into your creative energy
  • create time for writing with time management sytems particular to your writing/thinking style
  • commit to an external coach and create regular confirmatons of progress
  • create the discipline to get work done on a daily basis by understanding and respecting your innate writing approach

As writers we are always looking to receive clear objective feedback from other writers or editors who can offer insights when we might be too close to the work to see it ourselves. Using software tools that allow you to see suggested changes or notes, I will respond to a draft with comments that reflect a range of creative writing elements such as: character, dialogue, setting, story arc, pace, word choice and more. These responses include the much-needed encouragement and support that we writers need in order to thrive. In addition I will help you to believe in yourself as a writer and to find the inner tools to practice your craft.

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