AD/HD Coaching

How can someone know how many different ways there are to articulate and interpret information? I am in awe of her insight and her understanding of different learning styles.

- Jenny Johnson, Master's Level Student

Do you find that you say "yes" to every opportunity and then have no idea how to begin to manage it all?

Are you often aware of many streams of thought running through your mind that lead to your feeling overwhelmed?

Do you have trouble initiating or completing goals such that you give up on your ideas?

Taproot Academic Coaching will help you to: 

  • break the process down into manageable pieces
  • prioritize most important, less important, least important
  • commit to an external coach and create regular confirmations of progress
  • use a metacognitive approach to “learn about how you learn” 
  • observe and alter behavior
  • learn individualized strategies for initiating projects and/or following through
  • determine your personal approach to maintaining focus
  • develop organizational strategies specific to your style of learning
  • create time and materials management systems particular to you
  • understand and respect your innate learning approaches
  • review psychoeducational documentation or discuss whether or not testing would benefit you

I understand the mind of adults with attention issues. Clients regularly say, "It's as if Anne gets inside my brain and finds what I want to say or need to do and then facilitates that happening." Over the years I have developed strategies for attention coaching that take into consideration all of the different ways that attention issues can manifest and create difficulty for individuals.

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