Academic Skills Strategy Consultation

I wanted someone I could ask about time management, paper structure, brainstorming ideas with me, and coaching me in the direction of a positive education. In truth, the above list is only a small part of what Anne has done for me.

- Lida Winfield, Student, Goddard College

Have you always felt that you have more potential than you are able to actualize?

Have you felt misunderstood or disregarded by teachers, tutors, or colleagues? 

Do you have a hard time maximizing your strengths and addressing your weaknesses?

Taproot Academic Coaching will help you to: 

  • understand and respect your innate learning approaches
  • learn organizational strategies specific to your style of learning
  • create time-management systems particular to you
  • develop critical thinking skills in your unique fashion
  • use analytical reading strategies
  • match note taking approaches with your cognitive approach to organizing
  • comprehend different rhetoric as in literature reviews, expository essays, research papers, book annotations, or annotated bibliographies
  • learn citation methods appropriate for different disciplines
  • employ revision and editing strategies specific to your learning preference
  • develop organized, confident presentation skills

I recognize the interdependence of academic skills such as reading, writing, critical thinking, and organizing cognitive material, and value that each client approaches these skills in different ways. I will match strategies to your individual learning processes in a way that inspires not only success in the particular project at hand but increases your self-confidence and self-advocacy overall.

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