What Really Sets Me Apart

  • You can access my services remotely and successfully work online
  • My well-honed empathic abilities allow me to read your energy and have an intuitive understanding of where you need to move next 
  • I can intuitively and clearly identify and articulate psycho/educational beliefs that inhibit learning capability
  • You will learn to redirect and reframe self-concept related to learning abilities
  • Because of my holistic integrated skills approach I teach techniques that embrace authentic ways of learning tailored to your individual learning strengths 
  • You will feel the enthusiasm and passion I have for my work; I am supportive, encouraging and focus on your best efforts
  • You can rest assured that my years of experience teaching, training, and acquiring knowledge leads to expertise that will directly benefit you

What's personally meaningful to me is to use my distinctive skills and talents related to cognition and development to bring transformation, accomplishment, and higher self-esteem to clients. I value creating possibilities that others might have deemed impossible; facilitating belief in clients and their abilities; and associating new strategies with old behaviors to create change and progress in clients' lives.