Anne Connor, founder of Taproot

My gift is the ability to help others see how to break down a process into manageable parts and to move through the place where getting stuck in the learning process occurs.

I started my career as an educator Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). I received an MA in TESOL from Columbia University in 1988. For many years I coordinated and taught a K – 12 ESOL Program in Bronxville, a school district in Westchester County, New York. The district also asked me to redesign their elementary Writing Program and to shift the focus of the program from creative writing to expository, skills-based writing. This was the beginning of my work in the field of Academic Skills Support.

From 1984 to 1997 I had the opportunity to privately tutor English to Japanese children and adults. I also coached both Japanese and Americans in cross-cultural awareness and understanding. In 1996, I had the honor to be part of a team of American teachers to visit Japan as a guest of the New York City Japanese Chamber of Commerce. My connections with Japan are still strong to this day. In addition to the many friends with whom I keep in touch, I frequently write a quarterly article for a small newspaper in Hiroshima called Parkway.

In 1998 I received an MA in Writing (MAW) from Manhattanville College. My focus was on fiction writing, particularly short stories, one of which, “Fuming Mad” was published in the Spring 1996 journal of Inkwell. While the focus of the program was on creative writing, I designed some of my work in final semesters to look at expository writing skills and the current pedagogy of writing in public school curriculum.

Over the years I have taught and coached people in many aspects of process and self-development including: creative and/or academic writing, critical thinking, process organization, various forms of dance and movement, ritual, creative visualization, body-centered healing, and recognizing and removing energetic blocks towards fulfilling goals and dreams.

For close to thirty years, I have had a private academic tutoring/coaching practice in which I support learners in all aspects of academic skills work. I help students with metacognitive goals, to learn about how they learn and how they cognitively approach projects. I also have expertise helping students understand their learning strengths if there is a known and/or suspected learning disability, attentional issue, as well as to understand how physical or psychological disabilities can impact learning.

I am graced with opportunities to coach/tutor individual students, train educators, provide workshops for faculty, and facilitate training programs in English Language Learning.